step on the stage and share your yoga.

why i compete. get inspired.

teri fry. Bikram Yoga Chelmsford.

I compete to challenge myself, to improve my individual practice and my teaching, and to demonstrate that at
50+ years one is never too old to try something new. Senior division rocks!

I compete because yoga competition has been a huge part of me becoming the person I am today. Getting up on that stage has pushed me out of my box and given me a sense of accomplishment the likes of which I had never previously experienced. I have found passion in something that challenges me as much mentally as it does physically. Each year I get up on stage I am sharing my life and my passion with everyone watching, showing them how hard I have worked and how much I love yoga.

Michelle Park

I chose to compete to challenge myself and to deepen my practice. What I found in the process of training was so much more than I could have ever imagined, a new found strength and love for myself and a change in what I believe I can do with my body and mind.

Noel Bugley

I decided to do the yoga competition to really improve my practice and to perfect the impossible. I went in with the intention to do my best and learn and be inspired. I really enjoyed learning the correct alignment and the process of perfecting (trying to perfect) each posture. The competition itself was one of the most inspiring experiences of my life. I have competed in other things but the atmosphere
was so positive. I've never been in a competition where the competitors were so nice and encouraging and rooting for you to win. Everyone was so humble and willing to share their own experience. I learned a lot that day and will forever treasure the competition day and how I left feeling so inspired to do and be more!

Melissa Weber

The championships give me an excuse to ask myself how far I can push myself. So far, I haven't found a limit, and I think many other competitors share this experience. I love the feeling of accomplishing what once seemed impossible. It’s even better to have the opportunity to share this onstage and watch others do the same. I always leave the championships with more inspiration, more friends, and a long list of postures I can’t wait to try next.

Emily Avery

At the top of my list of reasons for competing are my children. I think it was so great that they get to see their mom (38 and just a year into my practice) work so hard on something that I am so passionate about and then ultimately get on stage, in a mall, in a leotard in front of hundreds of people!

Corlese Todd

I compete to challenge my sense of what is possible. The opportunity to have feedback from outstanding coaches, teammates and other yogis along the way was tremendous.

Sarah Gnerre